IN THIS development UPDATE We are showing off our new map taking place in an abandoned building complex. Buildings are full of debris, garbage, and broken object that have been affected by time and weather. With a lot of verticality there comes a lot of paths to choose from. Make your way through the building or via underground caves and tunnels.

Main lobby at night
Main backyard
3 story building
5 story building

We also implemented player tags that display names of players over their head along with health bar.

Player names

We brought back player hosted matches to make development in the alpha state a bit easier and cheaper. Dedicated servers will be making their way back into the game if we decide to put in a competitive gamemode.

All player stats like kills, deaths, score… are now saved directly to Steam stats so that we minimize cheating. 

Along with a lot of weapon balancing, we implemented three new guns. L85A2 fires heavy caliber and punches hard, it allows a range of attachments that can improve its characteristics. Kriss Vector fires 9mm ammo at a high fire rate, allowing you to take down your enemies very quickly. On the other hand, Desert Eagle fires a large pistol caliber that packs a punch at the cost of a slow fire rate.

Kriss Vector
Desert eagle